Sunday, 7 September 2008

EEE PC 1000H vs 1000 SSD

When I first decided to buy an eee pc, I had my eyes firmly on the 1000 Linux version. I thought SSD vs HD was a no contest; I just assumed the SSD would be faster, lighter, more durable and less power hungry.

Unfortunately, as it turns out the 1000 Linux version has two separate drives, a fast 8GB and a slow 32GB. As you can see from the tests conducted by jkkmobile, the 32GB SSD has a very poor write performance.

The 32GB is a much cheaper SDHC card. Another advantage the 1000H has over the 1000 is you can use standard 2.5 inch hard disks. Whereas you would need special ZIF to mini pci-e adapters for the 1000.

Here is a video showing the difference between the 1000 and 1000h.

So my advice to anyone looking to buy a 10 inch eee pc is to look at the 1000H. You can always change the OS and if you really want an SSD drive there are plenty of very fast 2.5 inch ones around.


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