Saturday, 14 February 2009

Fitna the Movie

Warning: The video contains some violent and graphic scenes.


  1. What the f*** does that movie means ?
    Isn't this a "computer science" web site ?

    I cannot even see if this movie is pro or against violence. Religions (including Benoit's) are bad things i tell you.

  2. Hi,
    Yes this is mainly a site about computer related things but I also wanted to have a 'other' category where I can post about almost anything I come across.

    About this video. You may have heard about the recent events involving Geert Wilders and the British Governments refusal to allow him to enter the country on the grounds that he will incite violence against Muslims. There has been a lot of controversy over this and I know a lot of people who made up their minds about this video and Geert Wilders without having seen the video or knowing much about the guy. So I decided to watch it for myself and post it so that others(mainly people I know) can watch it too. People will interpret this video differently but I personally don't think it incites violence against anyone. It is showing, with evidence, the kinds of violent and anti-democratic/free speech ideologies that some radical Muslims are preaching and practicing. Islam, like all other religions, is subject to peoples own interpretations. Some people believe it is the religion of peace while others see the justification to convert or kill infidels. You can't say that one side is 'right' in the sense that they are the 'true' believers because the Qur'an caters for both. Now, pointing out and criticising the violent and hateful minority is not an attack on all Muslims. Also, a lot of Muslims need to stop viewing every criticism as an attack. I strongly believe in free speech and feel that it is dangerous to impede it because some people might be offended.