Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mininova Alternatives

Mininova has deleted all 'copyrighted' torrents from their site. They decided to do this after a failed attempt at filtering out certain torrents. Unfortunately, they had no choice but to carry out this drastic action as they had lost a court case and were ordered to remove all offending materials or face a massive fine of up to 5 million euros. It's not quite all over for Mininova, they are possibly going to make an appeal but I wouldn't get your hopes up if I were you.

This is a massive blow to the file sharing community because Mininova was the biggest collection of user submitted torrents. A lot of people like myself will now be looking for alternatives. Of which there are plenty, so have a look at the sites below and see which you like best.

1) Btjunkie

2) Torrentz

3) ISOhunt

4) Torrentreactor

5) Torrentbox

6) Seedpeer

7) Bitenova

8) Vertor

9) Torrentzap

10) Fenopy

11) Monova

12) ExtraTorrent
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Anonymous said...

I dont know what everyone is worryng about, there are plenty of alternatives to mininova. evrytime they take one down another one is there to replace it.

TC said...

Goodbye will be missed

Anonymous said...

it is always good to use many different sites instead of relying on one

InTheNet said...

None of these really compare to Mininova such a shame

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